Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simply Simple

So Bloggie,
   It occured to me recently that simple is one of my favorite words. Everything I have, everything I do, everything I enjoy can be summed up in that one "simple" word, simple.
   One thing I love to do is travel, and I love to guessed it, simply. I prefer a car to a plane when going long distances, when going short I prefer a bike or my two feet. Can't get much more simple than that.
   Camping is a wonderful way to practice the art of simple. My most recent camping trips have included a tent, BUT to make it even MORE simple I have just ordered a hammock... I CAN NOT wait for it to arrive! A bed the size of a grapefruit I can take any where! AWESOME!!! I thought I had the market cornered on this simple living stuff, and then...
To my point of this post, on a recent road trip I discovered that there is someone else out there that is using their noodle to think of new ways to live simply. While driving down the road I suddenly feasted my green eyes on THIS sweet ride/home...

Now that is a beauty Bloggie! You just drive your little bitty truck around with your house in the back, complete with a numbered door! Number SIX!!! That suggests there are five others just like it! Woohoo! Where can I get my hands on one of these babies?
   Then there is the jug on the back, now I ask you bloggie, is that a container for this fabulously simple persons water, OR a portable bathroom? Hmmmm, if only I had been able to ask. I was not fortunate enough to meet our truck/house driver...
Oh well, I'll just continue to dream of owning my own some day. I do also there even enough room to lay down? It's cool if there's not, I always have my hammock.
Your friend in Texas,

Amanda with an A

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